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August 1-3,2009  
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A higly recommended documentary: HOME. This a stunning movie about our planet, us on our planet and interonnectedness. It is hosted on Youtube in HiDef.

Here is a nice musical clip "What About Me"


This is a facsinating story told by a woman who had a stroke in her left hemisphere. See what she experienced. :)


If you have spare 10 minutes, you can listen to a short talk done by one of very renounced Yoga teachers, Dharma Mittra, on philisohy of diet.


BMW gives a good example of thinking outside of the box.


Follow this link to watch a stunning and educative video animation all about chakras:

"The Illuminated Chakras" by Anodea Judith

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Conveniently located on the way in Peterborough and well-priced.


From last year's Anahata at Petroglyphs

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